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Joe "String Bean" McConaughy

Run For Colin is my biggest accomplishment and proudest moment in life. A bold statement, but a true one. My body took quite the beating. It took me a few weeks before I could properly bend my ankle and months to regain full feeling in my feet. My already thin "String Bean" frame had lost 18 pounds. But there were also very many highs; The landscape was beautiful. I now have a million different backpacking adventures I want to go on. Hint: The Palisades and Goat Rocks. I cannot believe the support network and relationships that flourished from the run. I met many awesome hikers, cancer-support communities and strangers, while strengthening bonds with friends and family. I truly feel like I gave my best effort to honor and preserve Colin's memory.


I spent 2014-15 teaching english in Feldkirch, Austria - "Schaffa, schaffa, Hüsle bau" (work, work, build your house) is the local motto - I am now working for Education First in their College Break program helping send youth travelers to Europe. I'm continuing to run. I will be competing in ultras and doing a few new FKT's in the near future.


Role: On the trail, my goal was to cover as much ground as possible, about 50 miles per day. My mind was constantly maximizing my potential for distance. 'How much sleep do I need tonight?' 'How many calories have I eaten today?' and 'How can I make my foot stop looking like a poorly wrapped Chipotle burrito?' were the questions that were always running through my head. It was a difficult balance health and extreme endurance, but it all worked out.

String Bean during a rafting trip on the Green River, Utah

Jordan "Brightside" Hamm

Hey friends! My name is Jordan Hamm. I also go by Jordo or Brightside (or a slew of other names) depending on whom you’ve talked to. I was ecstatic when Joe asked me to lead a support team for his PCT record run. It combined my passion for adventure, running, and travel into the greatest trip of a lifetime.  Since leaving the trail, I have relocated from Buffalo, NY to Seattle, WA to work at Brooks Running company and enjoy everything the PNW has to offer.



Tasked with the priority of keeping Joe alive and healthy, the crew and myself faced many challenges in day-to-day activities. It was my goal to reduce the risk and severity of obstacles that we would inevitably come across. My role started in the early planning stages of pouring over maps, sorting out trail logistics, and securing product donations.  While on the trail I did my best to keep the well-oiled machine moving by playing doctor, maintaining an appropriate diet plan, establishing checkpoints, and keeping Joe’s spirits high. 

Brightside climbing Mount Si, Washington

Jack "Fish Tacs" Murphy

Run for Colin continues to be the greatest adventure of my life. I am a twenty-four year old so & so from Buffalo, NY. Dills and Jordan introduced me to Joe the day we landed in San Diego, about a week before we started on the PCT. It was crazy. It was nuts. It was really sweaty. It was probably a bad idea. But, it worked!


In October, I am moving to Spain to teach English. For the past year, I’ve been living in Buffalo, saving money, and editing the Run for Colin documentary. With the help of Dills and a couple other friends, I wrote & recorded all the music that is used in the film. I’ve run two marathons, both within the past year. I am constantly inspired & challenged by the three other Run for Colin members. As always, I am so grateful to be a part of this team. Go Bills.


Role: First and foremost, my role on the Run for Colin crew was to assist Joe. This included refilling his pack every day, running on the PCT with him, massaging his shoulders (one time causing Joe to almost pass out), and, yes, playing the belly drum. I recorded hours of video footage, wrote blogs about the journey, played guitar for the crew at our campsites, and contacted media outlets to get the word out.

My favorite memories from the trip are running on the PCT with Joe. I also fondly recall spending endless hours in tiny, middle-of-nowhere cafes with Dills, writing blogs while he edited video.



Fish Tacs loved spending 53 days in a car

Michael "Hot Flash" Dillon

Hi there, Dills here!  Since I was in grade school I have loved nothing more than making movies with friends and family.  Somehow I've managed to turn this passion into a profession and these days I happily spend most of my time storyboarding, shooting, or editing independent projects.  Originally from Buffalo, I am now located in Boston.  It's certainly not easy being a Bills fan in the heart of New England, but then again, where is it ever easy? 


Role: I'm not sure I can convey just how incredible it was to be a part of the RFC crew last summer.  As videographer, never was there a time when I didn't have something worth shooting.  Even waking up before sunrise in Washington to sit and film Joe while he ate breakfast and got ready for the day was amazing.  As boring as that may sound, after hiking over 2000 miles, it was impressive to see Joe do anything other than walk in a straight line.  I'm so excited to share the final documentary with everyone (The Run for Colin) and can't wait for the next adventure.  Hope to see you out there.

The film master at work - California

String Bean near Gifford Pinot National Forst

The crew camping!

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