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Joe McConaughy

My name is Joe McConaughy and I am 22 years old.  Currently in my senior year at Boston college, I am finishing up majors in Economics and English.  


Born in Seattle, Washington, my roots are in the Pacific Northwest. many of my weekends were split between exploring the Cascade mountain range and running for my high school track team. Coming into my last year of college, I realize I was blessed with the opportunity to be an Eagle Scout and am a avid runner. I want to continue with these great foundations that have always oriented me in life to both push fight for a cause I am passionate about and push my physical limits.


Almost two years ago I recieved the news that Colin had passed away; I was shocked and upset, to put it mildly.  It was a very emotional event for me and my family. How can I possibly describe that first phone call or seeing my cousin at the funeral? 


This last summer I was thinking of a way I could honor my cousin's son. While brainstorming, I remembered a wild and crazy dream of running down the Pacific Coast Highway. In highschool, I used MapQuest to create a route along highways- from Seattle, WA to Mission Viejo, CA. While it seemed like a daunting and impossible adventure, it has always been on the back of my mind. I dream now of being able to run that whole thing. All 2600 miles. This is an opportunity to remember Colin and to help people and families who have their own experiences with cancer.


Role: I will be running the Pacific Crest Trail and will be organizing my itinerary with Jordan to maximize speed and efficieny while keeping high standards of safety and caution. I am aiming to break the assisted trail record of 59 days, 8 hours and 59 minutes.

Joe during a rafting trip on the Green River, Utah

Jordan Hamm

Hey friends!  I am currently working in the Alumni Volunteer Corps at Canisius High School in Buffalo, NY.  Behind the Blue Doors of CHS I share my two passions by co-teaching earth science and coaching cross-country and track & field.
When Joe presented the opportunity of supporting him on the PCT, I was beyond ecstatic.  Living for the thrill of adventure, no matter the activity, I couldn’t stop myself from saying yes on the spot!  My sense for adventure was fostered in the small farming town of Java Center, NY where I grew up.  Finding a knack for endurance running, my legs carried me to Boston College where I competed in track & field and cross-country with Joe.  At the conclusion of my collegiate career, I completed my first backpacking trip circumnavigating Mt Rainier on the 93-mile Wonderland Trail loop with my girlfriend Sarah. I was immediately hooked on the thrill of backpacking and cannot wait until the next time I hit the trails.
Rooting my faith and education in the Jesuit tradition, I strive to live the Magis.  This unique experience not only provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to admire the beauty of America, but more importantly the chance to be a part of something greater.  A cause to not only remember the life of Colin McConaughy, but to spread awareness about Neuroblastoma and to make an impact on families that are going through the process of dealing with the disease.
Role: Because Joe will be pushing his body to the limits daily by running ~42 miles per day, I will be aiding him throughout the trip with many different tasks such as: planning logistics, restocking supplies, blogging about his trials, and most notably, keeping him motivated from day to day. I will be meeting with him every one to five days on the trail, ensuring his safe progress on the PCT.

"Jordo" climbing Mount Si, Washington

Jack Murphy

Howdy! My name is Jack Murphy & I'm 23 years old. I graduated from Buffalo State College in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Writing & Philosophy. I'm honored to be a part of the Run for Colin team, and although I've been awaking every morning in a cold sweat with lingering nightmares of mountain lions, shin splints, and cranky Jordan, I cannot wait for this adventure. 


I've been making videos since junior high, when my cousin & I would film each other skiing and edit the clips to our favorite songs. For the past three years I've been on a video crew for a software company in Buffalo, NY. I've also done videos for local nonprofits, my school, & am always working on personal video projects. I've been itching to get away from the 9-5 desk job, the office life, and to hit the road with nothing but a couple of cameras. I was ecstatic to be brought onto the team as a videographer.


While not nearly as avid a runner as Joe & Jordan, I've been lumbering across the streets of Western New York since high school. A recent bout of insomnia led to many long, late night runs through the city of Buffalo. My ambitious training goal is to simply be able to keep up with Joe & Jordan, and hopefully keep these division I athletes from laughing me off the trail.

Role: Documenting the trip with videos, photos, and daily journals of our adventures (the goal is to produce a documentary of the entire experience, as well as many short videos from the road), moral support (jokes, anecdotes, inspiring quotes), musical interludes (guitar, belly drum), chef (my specialty- peanut butter-Nutella-banana sandwiches),  fighting off mountain lions, yoga guru (that costs extra), and anything that Jordan or Joe asks of me. 

"Murph" is getting excited for 60 days in a car

Michael Dillon

My name is Michael Dillon, but you can call me Dills. Like Jordan, I grew up in Buffalo and attended Canisius High School before going on to study filmmaking at Boston College.


After graduating last May I stayed in Boston and have since been running my own business, producing films for schools and non-profits in the greater Boston area. Most of these projects are very low budget but vital to the groups that need them.


When Joe and Jordan first asked me to join them this summer, it felt like a perfect fit. Not only was there no budget, but without a documentary, who would believe they actually did it?


I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of Run For Colin and to have the opportunity to film and share with you this incredible journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. While the goal is to produce a documentary at the end of the trip, I will also be uploading videos throughout the summer to update those following us on Joe’s progress, sanity level, and what the crew is up to.

Role: Filming our adventurous to not for social media purposes, but with the goal of making an in depth documentary of on the whole trip. Hopefully I'll get to play some checkers with Jordo and Murph, too. 

Jordan hiking the 93-mile Wonderland Trail in Washington 

Joe at Rattlesnake Ridge with friends overlooking the Cascades

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